Treat kidney failure with dialysis in Delhi

Dialysis in Delhi is a treatment to help filter the blood by filtering waste and blood fluids so that people with kidney failure feel better and can lead a normal life. However, when thinking about dialysis, many people feel fear, and fear prevents them from learning about the procedure. In fact, many patients are surprised to discover how well dialysis works and how well they feel about the treatment.

If you have advanced kidney disease, it is important that you take the initiative and talk to your nephrologist in Delhi as soon as possible about the options. It takes a while to understand how dialysis is and get used to the idea of receiving this treatment. While dialysis does not cure kidney failure, it allows you to feel better and live longer.

There are two types of dialysis:


Dialysis in Delhi

In hemodialysis, the blood is filtered with an external machine. Usually, it is done three times a week in a dialysis center, although the patient can also do it at home. Each session usually lasts three to four hours.

Peritoneal dialysis

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Peritoneal dialysis sounds like something complicated, but in reality, it is very simple. In this type of dialysis, the lining of the abdomen, or belly, is used to filter the blood. This lining is called the peritoneal membrane and acts as an artificial kidney. During the treatment, a special liquid is placed in the abdomen that absorbs the waste products of the blood when it passes through the small blood vessels of the peritoneum. Then, the liquid is extracted along with the waste. Peritoneal dialysis is done in the patient’s home. Many people choose to do this treatment at night, while they sleep.

Use this chart to compare both types of dialysis.

Hemodialysis Peritoneal dialysis
Where is it done? Usually, at a dialysis centre in Delhi, but it can be done at home At home, while you sleep or when you are awake
How often Three times per week Everyday
Duration of each session 3-4 hours It varies


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