Prevention is better than Cure

Dr. Vinant Bhargava, MBBS, DNB (Nephrology) is a famous Nephrologist in Gurgaon. According to him, kidney disorder can be avoided by:

i). Always maintain body weight average and prevent obesity. ii). Correct eating habits, lower salt and sugar and lower unhealthy fats. Use mustard oil and sunflower oil.
iii). Regular workout e.g. fast walking, aerobic exercises. iv). Quit Smoking.
v). Regular medical check-ups every 6 months or after one year.


You have to give loads of focus to avoid kidney disorder. Nevertheless, if kidney disorder has begun to develop, then in the initial levels a lot can be done to restrict more development of kidney disorder.

Dr. Vinant Bhargava, Kidney Specialist in Gurgaon, says that people get quite concerned once they discover that their blood urea or Serum creatinine increased or if the protein/albumin removal in urine is higher.

a) If the person is from diabetes and hypertensive, perhaps manage of diabetes and hypertension and inclusion of particular medicine can manage the kidney disease. Particular medicine must be stopped if kidney disease has developed e.g. specific painkillers, antibiotics, aminoglycosides etc.

b) Extreme kidney failure can happen because of several reasons e.g.

  • dehydration soon after serious gastroenteritis especially in little kids and the older people.
  • (ii) Blood reduction caused by accidents or illnesses.

c) Extreme kidney failure might be entirely reversible if the main cause resulting in the kidney failure has been properly managed.

d) In few cases, Severe kidney failure may require dialysis support. There is a mistaken belief that the moment severe kidney failure has developed then the person will often require dialysis for the rest of his life. This perception is very wrong. When the fundamental reason of severe kidney failure has been thoroughly treated the kidney failure can be fully reversed.

e) In non-diabetics, if blood urea and serum creatinine are increased and kidney shape is normal or almost normal then we may plan to do a kidney biopsy. A kidney biopsy is a relatively secure therapy done under local anesthesia and ultrasound direction. Once we have the pathology report of the kidney biopsy and we have the actual diagnosis of kidney problems then we may be in a situation to give specific treatment to the individual and the growing trend of blood urea and serum creatinine may be inverted.

Methods to Examine Kidney Health

Blood and urine examinations can reveal us how well someone’s kidneys are functioning.

Your physician might choose to do blood and urine tests if you are at risk for renal failure or renal disease. For people who have begun dialysis to substitute the functionality of their kidneys, these tests allow doctors know how well dialysis is performing.

Urine tests

To identify kidney problem, two kinds of urine tests are done. One kind needs a little quantity of urine. It shows a doctor if there are blood, infection, protein, or cells in the urine. The other kind needs obtaining all the urine released for a particular amount of time, generally 24 hours. This test will reveal how much pee your kidneys make in a day. It also calculates how much protein is passed from the kidneys into the urine in a day. Your physician will be able to analyze if your protein levels are average. Your physician may also evaluate the volume of creatinine or urea in your urine to see how well the kidneys are functioning.

Blood tests

Every person’s blood test outcomes are different. They are afflicted by 3 aspects:

  • What the individual one eats.
  • How properly the individual’s kidneys are functioning.
  • The amount of urine the individual passes and how much creatinine leaves the body with the urine.

Your blood (serum) might be examined for a number of things including:

Serum Creatinine

Creatinine is a waste item of muscle activity. The kidneys usually remove this waste. Blood (serum) levels of creatinine are the most usual numbers used by physicians to identify kidney performance.

When the kidneys are not functioning well, dialysis helps to take out the extra creatinine. Dialysis is normally begun when creatinine clearance declines to less than 14 milliliters per minute.

Taking Actions

For those who even have less renal performance, there are several steps to keep the kidneys functioning for a longer time.

We are fortunate that in current time dialysis makes living without kidneys possible. But there is no substitute for the real thing.

Where to begin?

Meet your physician frequently. If your physician detects you are having a chance of kidney disease, or are displaying symptoms of kidney disease, a doctor will take many steps to better your health condition. The primary focus should be to slow development of the condition and to delay dialysis. First, your physician will need to identify the reason, and if the problem is reversible or not. If the reason is an issue like diabetes or hypertension, your physician will assist you better control this situation. The way of life and diet adjustment may also be begun – dietitians perform a major role in helping patients delay kidney failure. This type of treatment, however, may be successful only if the indications of kidney disease are noticed early.

Different approaches for managing your kidney health consist of

  • Meeting your physician regularly
  • Follow your physician’s guidance
  • Managing good blood glucose, if you are diabetic
  • Follow your physician’s advice to manage your blood pressure level if you have high blood pressure
  • Knowing about signs of kidney disease
  • Taking recommended medicine
  • Taking nutritional supplements or vitamins only with the approval of your doctor
  • Remaining positive

For an individual with initial kidney disease, using these tips may help delay kidney failure.

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